Thursday, 13 April 2017


These days I've been living in a cloud of excitement and anxiety, and the reason is that I'm leaving for Japan in just a few days. I am beyond excited, but because I'm the worst of worriers, I'm also scared and nervous and 100 percent certain I've forgotten something important! 

We are flying to Tokyo, but we're also going to visit Kyoto and the Japanese Alps. We have two weeks to explore the cities and the nature, and I can't wait for all the incredible sights, flavors and experiences that await. I will certainly be taking a lot of photographs, and once I'm back home, I can't wait to share them with you.

I'm missing the cherry blossom season this time, the flowers have bloomed and are being swept away by the wind as we speak. But I've been thinking a lot about last Spring, and a trip to a part of Helsinki where there is a park filled with cherry trees and the most wonderful Japanese garden. I wanted to share with you some analog photographs I took there in May of last year.


  1. Such beautiful beautiful photos! I hope you have the most magical time in Japan! <3